It really must be great to get to a certain age and give zero shits about what you say anymore. At least it is in the case of Diane Keaton, who overshared to a whole other level on The Ellen Show yesterday.

Talking about her new movie with Robert De Niro (who she incidentally loves kissing apparently) The Big Wedding, Diane Keaton just goes on a tipsy ramble about tantric sex, kissing men, 29 year old male virgins all the while swinging her glass of red wine around her. It's the best five minutes you'll watch today and we want to be her friend badly. The best part is watching Ellen squirm not knowing exactly what's going to come out of Keaton's mouth. Maybe don't give her a bottle of wine to drink before the interview in future (who are we kidding, give all your guests a bottle of wine before the show in future Ellen, this is gold.).