Guinness Zero is now a thing, but for the minute it's only available in Indonesia.

Diageo rolled out the new drink after the country moved to ban beer being sold in convenience stores, as an attempt to deal with excessive drinking within the country.

Guinness Zero ABV was launched in September 2014 and has been doing quite well according to Diageo, although they say there are no plans to release the drink back here in Ireland. Not for the minute anyway.

As much as we'd like to see it launched here, because that'd make staying off the drink way easier(yes, that still counts, we can kind of see why it won't be.

Remember Guinness Light? Now, did you ever try it? And there's your reason. It's tough to get people to try something new, that's probably why their "Black Lager" never took off, despite being delicious.

They've had a bit more success with the porter and golden ale that they released last year. We say that mainly because they're still available for purchase, again, both delicious.

The company has seen a 2% increase in sales in the UK over the last year, and we're assuming the new drinks had something to do with that, so maybe there is a market now for more drinks, but does one of them need to be a non-alcoholic Guinness? We're not so sure, would you drink it?

Via Independent