The first details for the world’s best phone (don’t argue with us on this – nostalgia is a powerful thing) have been unveiled.

News of a potential re-launch for the iconic Nokia 3310, which was iconic for its ‘indestructibility’, emerged earlier this month and it looks like the handset is going to be revealed this Sunday at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The 2017 version of the handset is expected to go on sale for €59 (or £50) and there will be some minor changes from the original.

According to Chinese technology site Vtech, the new handset will not run android but will be a ‘feature’ phone. The new Nokia 3310 will feature a colour screen, rather than the monochrome 84 x 84 display of old, which won’t have a particularly high resolution in order to avoid sapping battery life (just as the old one was known to have excellent battery life).

Old favourite Snake will of course be a feature and the new 3310 is believed to become available in a variety of colours, including red, green and yellow. It will be slimmer and lighter than the original.


Via GizmoChina