If TMZ's reports are correct, and they usually are, there are some pretty grim details emerging regarding Kanye "pummeling" the 18-year-old from yesterday's story with "over 30 blows."

Here is what the website is reporting today after an eyewitness came across with their version of events:

"We broke the story... an 18-year-old allegedly called Kim a "n****r lover" on his way into the office of a Beverly Hills chiropractor. Minutes later, Kim and Kanye stormed in -- Kim ID the kid -- and her baby daddy went nuts. The eyewitness tells TMZ ... the 18-year-old was sitting in a chair as Kanye made a beeline for him and, without saying a word, started slugging him in the face. The kid was covering his face but Kanye was unrelenting. Kim just stood there and silently watched the beating. The receptionist was screaming, 'Stop, stop,' but Kanye ignored her. The kid quickly curled up into a ball to block the blows. The massage therapist rushed into the waiting room and pushed Kanye off the kid and ordered him out of the office. Kanye got out of the building and Kim went to another office for a meeting."

Is it just me, or has it all gone a bit Goodfellas?

A police spokesperson confirmed earlier this week that the Stronger star is now a suspect in a battery investigation and is wanted for interview. The incident may also be referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for prosecution.

Kanye is already in the dog house for allegedly assaulting a photographer at a Los Angeles airport in July last year. He obviously pleaded not guilty, but the case has not been resolved yet.