Aw, d'you remember Dessarae? She would've been mentioned here a fair few times about two years ago; she was the bird who insisted Colin Farrell was harassing her with sexual text messages. She even went so far as to bring her claims to court (and write a book about it). The small fact of loosing that court battle hasn't deterred her from her forthcoming lawsuit in which she plans to sue the State of California for "sexism, ageism, racism, civil rights violations, profiling, entrapment, slander, libel, emotional distress and 'much more'." What sparked her latest foray into a court of law? She was picked up by an undercover LA police officer who believed she was soliciting. Bradford said; "I was falsely arrested for prostitution - it breaks my heart to even type the words down. A guy drove up to me, called to me very friendly and chipper. Being the social animal that I am, I went over, figuring he was just some guy looking for where the party spots are. Or maybe he wanted to see if he could get my number." Nice to see Dessarae is combating those self-esteem issues.