Ah, menfolk. What other species would fork out twenty quid to invade an inflatable plastic effigy of a celebrity three different ways. Pipedream Products (c'mon, at least read the rest of the post before Googling it) have brought out a range of blowup dolls in the likeness of several female stars for the bargain sum of $19.99. Each doll comes in its own packaging emblazoned with a catchy slogan and some lookalike in a lewd position. Funnily enough, the Lindsay Lohan lookalike is a hell of a lot hotter. Its selling point is: "Lindsay Fully Loaded Love Doll. Take her for a test drive! 3 Cylinders of Love..." which I won't go into cause this is a family site. The Eva Desperate Housewife Love Doll says: "She's your Wh*re Next Door!" Jessica Simpson: "Yeeeeee... HAW!!! Crazy Daisy Love Doll. She'll take you for the ride of your life. She's sexy, newly single, and ready for you... since she's dumb as an ox, she never says no!" Nice. For some reason they thought men might like to hump a plastic replica of Sarah Jessica Parker. There's a Jessica Alba doll dressed as her Sin City character. I have too much respect for her to repeat what's printed on her box. Seemingly there's a Britney Speared doll in the pipeline... I don't know what's worse, the fact I came up with the last two lines (shame, I feel, deep shame) or the fact that a woman came up with the slogans. C'mon, clearly it was female - who else would think putting the word "love" in the titles would be a selling point? Who wants to admit to themselves that the only "love" they're getting is a rattle off an inanimate object?!