Talk about being addicted to broken hearted damsels who "aren't ready to commit." 

The professional dancer - who you might recall dated one Cheryl Cole following her divorce from husband Ashley in 2010 - has apparently fallen head over heels for his 'Dancing With The Stars' co-star Katherine Jenkins (the Welsh mezzo soprano who did cocaine just the once).

But having just broken up with fiancé Gethin Jones in December, the singer still isn't in the right place to start a new romance, much to Derek's disappointment. And probably much to his subconscious' joy. 

A source told The Sun: "He loves how down-to-earth she is. He said she was over at his condo last week and didn't have a scrap of make-up on and drank a beer. She isn't ready for dating after her split with Gethin Jones, though it hasn't stopped him being completely besotted."

Wow, so he's turned on by someone who doesn't wear make-up while swilling beer - there's a surprise. Obvious quip aside, he should knock around to my gaff of a Saturday, he'd be in 7th heaven. Not a screed of make-up in sight, beer everywhere

Katherine was also previously linked to her professional dancer partner Mark Ballas, but insisted the claims were unfounded.

She said of the rumours: "It's inevitable but it's just complete nonsense. We have totally hit it off and we're having a great time. But he came to London to start training me and within - I think within 12 hours - is all it took before there was that first photo and immediately we were of course dating, which it's not true. He has a girlfriend and I'm not ready, I'm not ready for any of that yet. I'm just going to concentrate on the dancing."

And canoodling with Derek in public, therefore raising your profile in the states, his on this side of the pond, yaddah, yaddah.