Well whaddaya know. Yesterday I put a call out to the universe that Demi Moore who was left distraught upon seeing pics of her ex Ashton all cosied up with Mila Kunis would find a hot younger fling of her own. And today? Well it seems she's found one. Take THAT Ashton Kutcher. Moore is said to be dating a man 12 years younger than her - Kiwi actor Martin Henderson. So that means three years older than YOU Ashton. And by right that means he's wiser and could probably beat you up too.

I ALSO commented on the fact that things in Hollywood move at an outrageous pace when it comes to relationships when yabbering on about how Russell Brand has bagged himself a new bird post Katy Perry. And here we have Demi Moore, in pieces yesterday and in love today. Case. In. Point.

Online reports reveal that Demi and Martin recently enjoyed a trip to Connecticut together, where they were seen queuing up in a bakery. Buns! How romantic.

An insider (who ARE these insiders?) told Life and Style magazine: "She was in line and a Colbie Caillat song came on - she started singing along and dancing in a playful, flirty way" while another source said "They were very comfortable with each other."

Apparently she "looked great - chatty, healthy and happy." What's more, this new dude even treated her to a BBQ. God knows she needs a good feeding so whether this is a rebound or the real deal, he gets two thumbs up from us.

Haven't heard of this Martin fella before? Well he starred in TV series Shortland Street and also appeared in Britney Spears' Toxic music promo which therefore means he's HAWT.

Now, seeing that my psychic powers seem to be working to perfection, wouldn't it be just wonderful if Joseph Gordon Levitt (or a lookalike would suffice) would call me up and take me on a date? *swoon.