Although they're clearly in a much better place and are obviously at a stage where they can do these kind of things, it's clearly got to sting for Bruce Willis when Demi Moore turned up to give him both barrels for his Comedy Roast.

Willis' ex-wife appeared on stage and, right from the get-go, it was clear that Moore wasn't going to go easy on him. If anything, it got worse and generated some of the biggest laughs of the evening. Moore introduced herself to the crowd, explaining that she was "married to Bruce for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense because the last two sucked."

It got steadily worse, as she went on to explain that her former husband "considered the end of our marriage his biggest failure."

"Bruce, don't be so hard on yourself, you had much bigger failures: Planet Hollywood, Hudson Hawk... campaigning for Michael Dukakis, turning down Clooney's role in Ocean's Eleven to focus on playing the harmonica."

It even got more personal than that, as Moore finished out with a dig on their marriage as a whole. "I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense - you were dead the whole time." OOF.

To be fair, the Roast ended with Willis giving back to everyone who took part and said of his wife, "Joseph played a younger me in Looper - he couldn't pull it off. There is one actor who successfully played me. It was Demi Moore."


'The Roast Of Bruce Willis' airs on Comedy Central in the US on July 29th.