The 46-year-old star of Flawless (some diamond heist themed film, which must be stunning as it's opening in all of three cinemas this week), said:

"Being the age I am, it has been a tough few years because there is so much focus on how I look. It almost got to the point where I felt like: 'Well they don't know what to do with me'. I am flawed (oh, the irony). I'm not 20, not 30, but I'm certainly different from what most people feel someone in her 40s should be. I'm very comfortable with the age I am, and the way I look."

And even if she wasn't, she'd say she was 'cause it cost her a bleedin' fortune. Really though, no one who's 40 in Hollywood looks like the run of the mill middle-ager, scarfing down pastries on the sly while doing the midweek shop. It's not that agents don't know what to do with her - they just don't have many roles for achingly average actresses who refuse to age - the place is rife with them. Now, if she was an amazing character actress, and let the tight leash on her looks go, she might be slightly busier. Slightly.

The only discernable difference Demi can lay claim to is that she's successfully maintaining a marriage with a much younger man, who shares the same level of fame (although Ashton's devoting an increasing amount of time to coaching little league rather than pursuing movie projects). Even if Demi were handed a role of a lifetime, in which she had to portray a woman embracing elements of 'the change' as a side story - facial hair and hot flushes galore, it'd be interesting to see if she'd be willing to remind the world, and her hubby, of her real stage in life.