This one is 27. Hey, she has a type.

The 51-year-old actress was spotted frolicking in the sea with the tattooed rocker in Tulum, Mexico on Monday, after jetting there with a group of friends, her daughter, Rumer, 25, and her on/off boyfriend, Jayson Blair.

According to the MailOnline, they looked happy and relaxed as they splashed about in the sea together, with Demi climbing on to Sean's back with a huge smile on her face. Un/fortunately we don't have a photo of that, just one of them standing there a bit awkwardly. I could say something about the tats but they seem to be speaking volumes for themselves, so we'll leave them off.


Rumer posted a photo of herself and Demi on Instagram last night, captioned: "I feel so lucky I got to start my new year off with my mom and a lovely group of friends."

The alleged new couple have known each other for months; Demi and Rumer watched Sean, who lives in Malibu, perform with his band at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles last May.

A source recently revealed that Demi is on a new 'happy' path after peddling her $250,000 engagement ring from Ashton Kutcher, when their divorce was finalised two months ago, following their split in November 2011. An insider said: "Ashton broke her heart. Anything that reminds her of him makes her sad, and she wants to be happy." As is happens, $250k can be quite the source of happiness.

The 35-year-old Two And A Half Men star filed for divorce in December 2012 but it dragged on because they were reportedly at odds over how to divide their assets and $300 million big ones.