The next step in nacho evolution is here, and it is now declared the only way to eat nachos from here on out. 

America has brought many technological advances into the world, but few may prove to be as significant as the latest breakthrough in the world of nachos. During this season, the culinary experts at the food stands in Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, have come up with a deep fried nacho that can be served on a stick. 

Minimal fuss, maximum nacho is presumably their motto, as they've taken some beef on a stick, paired it with refried beans and then dipped it all in Dorito crumbs (no word on what flavour they'll use) before putting in the deep fat fryer. It will then be topped with sour cream and liquid cheese, the traditional ancient toppings of the Mayan people, who have been eating nachos for thousands of years. 

ESPN's Darren Rovell seems to be referring to it as "meat on a stick", but that undersells it, and if they can create deep fried nachos, then there really is no limit to what you can deep fry. Truly, America is the land of the free.

Sure, you might have to choose between having friends or a relationship with another human if you make nachos on a stick the main part of your everyday diet, but like Liz Lemon, we believe that we can have it all. 

Via BroBible. Main pic via jeffreyw/Flickr.