Forget 12 pubs, day drinking with Seth Meyers and Lizzo needs to be the new annual Christmas tradition.

Every late night host has a variety of sketches and bits in their repertoire that they like to churn out - some because they're genuinely entertaining, others because they figured out how to make a ton of money off them even though the format is so tired it makes you make to melon ball your eyes out *cough* 'Carpool Karaoke' *cough*.

Seth Meyer's 'Day Drinking' segment, however, is thankfully one of the former, and while we don't get too many of them, they're always a welcome surprise. Think of them as the Terry's Chocolate Orange in your Christmas stocking of late night bits.

And if seeing Lizzo and Seth Meyers get progressively more drunk over the course of 17 minutes is your jam, well, seasons greetings mon frére.