To celebrate Father’s Day, we teamed up with Cadbury’s Ireland and a variety of Irish personalities to talk about what their dads mean to them.

Irish television personalities and social influencers Erin McGregor, James Kavanagh and James Patrice joined movie editor Brian Lloyd to talk about the relationships they have with their dads, their favourite memories and what they love most about them.



Brian Lloyd

Speaking about his dad, Brian describes how they really bonded when his dad passed on his vinyl collection to his music-loving son and he soon realised his dad had been a ‘Disco King’ back in the day.


Erin McGregor

Erin recalls her favorite memory being her dad’s reaction to the birth of his three grandchildren.

"When they were born, a softer side of her dad came out. The grandchildren have made him very nostalgic, he says he sees traits of his own kids in his grandchildren, which at times makes him quite emotional."


James Kavanagh

James shares how his dad can express 17 emotions in five minutes and explains how he is proud to have morphed into his dad over the years and is thankful for the way he was raised.


James Patrice

James is grateful for the confidence his dad instilled in him and how he supported James whatever he wanted to do.

When asked if he could tell his dad one thing, James proudly said: "Dear dad, you are an absolute gent and my hero."