Valencia have made a very powerful enemy in the form of Batman himself, after DC Comics have decided to start legal proceedings over their new logo. 

The club has long used the bat as part of their logo, and they recently registered a version of it with the wings outspread, rather than facing downwards, which has been the one they've used since  the club was founded back 1919.

It seems that DC Comics are not too pleased with this latest incarnation, as they think that it looks a bit too much like their own Batman logo, so have lodged a complaint with the OHIM, the European office that looks after copyright matters. Here, you can see the Valencia logo on the left and the Batman one on the right, so it's up to you to decide whether or not they actually have a point.

The club's current logo does feature a bat, and that version has been registered without a problem, so perhaps they may have to stick to that for the time being.

Pic via Wikipedia

The other option would be to take on Batman himself, no holds barred, for the right to use the logo, which would be a match that we'd pay good money to see. Not sure what Bats would call himself if he lost though. Just 'Man'? That's a bit rubbish...

Via Plaza Deportiva/Who Ate All The Pies. Main image Getty/Valencia CF/Entertainment composite