David Walliams has only stood up after getting down on one knee to pop the question to his super model girlfriend. However, he might regret doing so now that reports have come in from Paris fashion week linking her to a hunky model. A hectic week of all things couture is well under way in the French capital and getting in to the Parisian way of things, Lara Stone was spotted sharing an intimate kiss on the lips with fellow model and friend, Baptiste Giabiconi.

A source has told The Sun (so we can only imagine how much the truth has been stretched) that Lara and Baptiste were getting cosy in a coffee shop shortly after their appearance on the catwalk for Chanel. Said source is quoted as saying it was "on the mouth and everything. It was very strange". Well last time I checked that's where we all kiss. Have I been doing it wrong all this time?? *looks worried*

But, it could have been something very innocent. Maybe they went to do the double cheek kiss but accidently ended up on each others mouths - don't you just hate when that happens. Or, maybe they were practising for another Chanel TV advert like the last one - where the pair canoodled for a while. Well, here's hoping that it's just on big misunderstanding.

- Alicia Coyle