The 'Friends' star heads up one UK bank's latest advertising campaign.

Adverts have been the latest entity in pop culture to employ big-named stars in their campaigns (with the exception of perfumes, which always had a Hollywood star attached to it). We're thinking products that aren't regarded as a "luxury" commodity as such, like Snoop Dogg appearing on the adverts for Just Eat. A David Schwimmer TV advert is the latest of these, with him heading up TSB's latest campaign in the UK.

Talking to the camera as he drives around the UK countryside, Schwimmer seems to have it in for whomever he passes by. He takes a child's ice-cream, reveals a guy who is hiding during a round of paintball, even disturbing a woman who is enjoying a film at a drive-in cinema. Suffice it to say, they're all pretty pissed.

It's nice to see Ross Geller back in the UK, not afraid to return to the country where he accidentally screwed up his wedding with Emily, all those years ago. We'd like to imagine this is the same character, returning to tackle his previous traumas head-on.

For those interested in TSB, this was also the first time since the '80s that the bank didn't use animation for its advertising campaign. And for such an occasion, they pulled out all of the stops by recruiting the 'Friends' actor to head up their new look.

It's likely Schwimmer was back in the UK last year for filming the second series of his Sky One show 'Intelligence'. The first series of the sitcom was quite the success, and featured the actor playing a national security agent who must liaise with the UK's cyber crimes unit.

And so, here's the David Schwimmer TV advert with him being his usual humourous self.