Nothing could make me miss Peep Show more, than a new series of That Mitchell and Webb Look (*sighs* Tonight. 10.00pm. BBC2), and David Mitchell's timely admission regarding one night stands:

"The times when I've sort of had one-night stands with people - which has occasionally happened in my life, usually at the end of a party when I'm very drunk - I really hate myself. So, just on the maths of what is fun, it just isn't worth it. The problem is I hate the sort of dating thing. I just find it incredibly awkward. So what I've ended up doing is a bit of a disaster, not really embracing that in the normal way but very occasionally, very pissedly getting off with someone... And the next day it's oh no! What have I done? Because, inevitably, it's been someone who, nice though they are, I know I don't want a relationship with. And then I feel bad in case they have a different view. I don't want to be arrogant enough to infer that, but it's a possibility. I just feel bad, I feel why did I do that?"

Because you've denied yourself a steady relationship for nearly a decade (in the region of 8 years) and you get your jollies where you can? If you're insistent on punishing yourself for fulfilling your human urges, write us another series of Peep Show as of immediately. In fact, if there's anything you should feel guilty about, it's subjecting us to yet another series of your sketch show... booooooooooo.