These are two names that I never thought would be put together in the same story, I've never even heard of them mentioned on the same day. They just don't go together, but apparently David Gest wants to change all that. Having recently moved into the same area as Amy Winehouse, he was introduced to her by fellow neighbour Matt Willis.

David became very pitiful for her especially after her ex Blakaaayyy talked to confident and councillor News of the World about her asking for reconciliation. To try and help take a load off her mind, David invited Amy on a night out. *bangs head off desk* David, you twat, that's the last thing she needs, give her a herbal tea, invite her around for some yoga or some sh*t like that. It didn't work anyway cause she ended up crying and being inconsolable, an insider said. I wonder would this be because she was already on a 48 hour bender at the time? According to the tabloids (where would we be without them)

Anyone else getting sick of Amy, Kerry and Jordan lately? Let's kidnap them and land them on a deserted island. Let them make up their own world filled with all their favourite things, drugs, drink, plastic surgeons.....

-Alicia Coyle