I've only two more days to scratch off my calendar! The time has come for David Blaine to endanger his own life again (and possibly that of others - boredom has been known to kill, or at the very least maim the brain). From Monday, he plans to hang upside down in the middle of Central Park for 60 hours - with nary a safety net in sight.

There's a good chance he might injure himself even if he manages to hang on; with a heart surgeon from Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey saying: "All the organs pretty much are effected by this. Most importantly the blood rushes to the head. There is danger of brain hemorrhage. There is danger of the blood rushing to the eyes and blinding David." Watching someone drown in their own blood is pure entertainment.

However, Dr Richard Ruden - who's worked with Blaine on many of his exhilarating stunts before - chooses to be more upbeat, saying: "It is really important for people to understand that David is not an ordinary man. It is David's choice to endure superhuman stress. If he can accomplish this, we might have to change his name to 'He Who Hangs With Bats'."

I'm sure we could rustle up a more zany name befitting his prowess like 'He Who Sits Stinking in Box For a Month', or 'He Who Freaks Out Eamonn Holmes', or maybe 'He Who Fails to Stay in Giant Ice Cube... Or Water Tank... Or Maybe It Was a Glass Coffin? I'm Beyond Caring'. Speaking of which - the illusionist had this to say of his strenuous training for his latest feat: "I've actually practiced it (hanging upside down), but only for six hours (wooops). Also, I've stopped eating a week ago and lost 20 pounds... This is by far the most difficult thing I've ever done. I thought being in a block of ice for 63 hours was, but that was nothing compared to this."

I get the whole you need to be light to hang upside down - but don't you need some strength for staying power? Just a thought.