We didn't really peg Becks as a die-hard Jay Z fan but apparently he is because his latest tattoo takes the form of some of Jay's lyrics.

Beckham debuted his latest inking at a book signing event at luxury menswear store Belstaff in New York City, with onlookers catching a glimpse of the tattoo on his right hand which reads: 'Dream Big Be Unrealistic'. Jay Z uttered the words during one of his concerts in Los Angeles, which prompted Victoria Beckham to re-tweet the mantra.

Speaking at the event, Becks also addressed the issue of his impending 40th birthday, saying: 'I'm excited about it. I'm not one of those people who is not looking forward to getting old. I'm happy with my life. I've had a pretty successful career. I have four amazing children and an amazing wife.'

He also addressed the long-since-passed-but-oh-so-memorable 'SarongGate' and insisted that he doesn't regret wearing it and would be happy to do so again.

'Sarongs are great. That's one thing I never regret because I thought it looked great and I would still wear it now' he said. 'Over the years it's not just myself, everybody looks back at old pictures of themselves and thinks, 'I can't believe I wore that, or I wish I hadn't wore that, or what was I thinking? You make mistakes over the years or you wear things that were right at the time.'

Meanwhile we're waiting for Victoria to debut her Beyoncé tribute at any second. We're hoping it's something outrageous, but we'll settle for a Drunk In Love/Partition tribute photo.