Somewhere, away from cameras, Posh has just smiled the biggest smile of her life. That together with today's crazy weather has to mean the apocalypse is approaching.

David Beckham announced he's moving to Paris club Paris St Germain on a five-month deal, that's rumoured to be landing him a 'family package deal' of over £150k a week and a home for himself, Victoria and the kids. I could bore you with all the football facts flying around, but what's really important here is the fact that this is going to make all their lives even more of a catwalk. Victoria + Paris (+ all those ridiculously trendy kids) = Everyday Project Runway. Although one of the pros of making a move to France is that they have the strictest privacy laws in the world, so the paps are going to have a hard time catching them.

And in a typically charming Becks move, he announced that he was going to donate ALL his salary from PSG to a children's charity in Paris. I mean, come ON. Stop being so perfect.