David Beckham has been crowned 'The Sexiest Man on the Planet 2012' - according to Heat's new poll...

The ball hoofer has been awarded the title in heat magazine's inaugural 101 Hottest Hunks in the World list 2012. David beat a host of famous totty to the top spot, including Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper, who came second, third and fourth respectively. Michael Fassbender makes an appearance at number 24.

Speaking about David's victory, editor Lucie Cave said: 'heat is known for showcasing the hottest celebrity men each week, but this is the first time we've compiled a definitive list of the sexiest men in the world. Our readers and panel of experts clearly have impeccable taste as there is genuinely no one more deserving of the title Sexiest Man on the Planet 2012 than David Beckham. He's got the lot - talent, style, sex appeal, charisma. Women adore him, men want to be him, and we're absolutely thrilled that he has topped our poll.'

The top 25 was compiled in a very scientific fashion by counting the online votes of 1,000 heat readers and the choices of an expert panel comprised of Premier Models founder Carole White, celebrity photographer Nicky Johnston; and Heat Style Editor Jo Hoare.They had the uber difficult task of judging each guy on talent, sex appeal, dress sense, and personality.

The full list will appear in this week's issue of heat, available on these shores from tomorrow. Until there, here's the top 25:

1 David Beckham

2 Ryan Gosling

3 Ryan Reynolds

4 Bradley Cooper

5 Jake Gyllenhaal

6 Robert Pattinson

7 Tom Hardy

8 Johnny Depp

9 Hugh Jackman

10 Zac Efron

11 George Clooney

12 Harry Judd

13 Gary Barlow

14 Adam Levine

15 Gerard Butler

16 James Franco

17 Taylor Lautner

18 Harry Styles

19 Brad Pitt

20 Orlando Bloom

21 Justin Timberlake

22 Olly Murs

23 Ian Somerhalder

24 Michael Fassbender

25 Tinie Tempah

I can't comprehend the inclusion of Ollie Murs either. Anyway, here's David Beckham looking like the sexiest man on the planet, with a little bit of advertising for H&M thrown in for good measure.