David Arquette's dancing is so good (or bad. It's not specified) that it makes Courteney Cox weep. The former Friends star got very teary while watching 40-year-old David dance on Monday's edition of Dancing With The Stars.

Apparently clutching their daughter Coco's hand backstage Courteney gushed about her sporadic spouse. "It was very emotional tonight," she said. "I just couldn't stop crying." Which must have been most confusing for Coco.

The 47-year-old actress later spouted some more praise for Dave, saying "If America gets to know David the way I know David... you just can't stop voting for him. I just have to go home and vote." Which must have delighted the show's producers no end.

Actor/director David had his dancing described as 'earnest' by the judges. Probably because he's been partnered with rather perky pro-dancer Kym Johnson, 35.