It's worth pointing out from the get-go that if you're not able for blood, it's best not to watch any of this.

It's also worth pointing out that not only are these kind of injuries common in hardcore wrestling, it's pretty much par for the course. That said, it did look like things went decidedly off-script here.

David Arquette - yes, the guy who was in 'Friends' and was married to Courtney Cox  - is a huge fan of wrestling and was even the WCW World Champion.

Yes, really. While that might have been a stunt to promote a film he was in - 'Ready To Rumble' - the actor has actually been doing it pretty regularly since then. In fact, the actor took part in a Death Match in Los Angeles this Friday just gone which ended in Arquette getting smashed over the head and bleeding profusely from his neck.

You know, the bit that's attached to your head that has all the veins.

Anyway, Arquette has since tweeted that he's fine and while the injuries no doubt look worse than they probably are, it's still definitely a lot of blood and pretty scary.

That's, uh, that's putting it mildly. Here's the footage as it happened. Again, be warned that it's quite graphic.