For those who might be unaware, Leonardo DiCaprio is an outspoken and ardent supporter of environmentalism and climate change.

In fact, DiCaprio has been involved in a number of documentaries and projects on the issue, his most recent being Before The Flood, a feature-length documentary about the effects climate change has had and continues to have on the world around us.

More pointedly, however, was DiCaprio's comments on the issue of climate change and public office. In a statement before a screening of the film at the White House, DiCaprio said that "if you do not believe in climate change you do not believe in facts, or in science, or empirical truths, and therefore in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office."

While this might have been pointed towards Donald Trump - who believes that climate change is a conspiracy invented by the Chinese government - it also attracted the attention of our own Danny Healy-Rae, a man who was democratically elected by the people of Kerry.

People turned up and voted for him. Democracy.

Anyway, in an interview with, Healy-Rae was asked about DiCaprio's comments with regards to public office and climate denial. Healy-Rae, of course, came back with probably the best response yet. "I’ll let the people of Kerry decide that. If he wants to put his name on the ballot paper in Kerry or in any other county in Ireland, he’s welcome to do that and we’ll see how he gets on."

Of course, Danny Healy-Rae forgets that DiCaprio would be unable to stand for elected office in Ireland because he's not an Irish citizen, however he would be able to apply for one as long as he is a naturalised citizen, i.e. has stayed in Ireland for five years out of the previous nine.

So, yeah, DiCaprio, if you're reading this, better get your arse in gear if you want to stand for election. The next one's in 2021, but he won't be apply for citizenship as he won't be able to apply until 2025.

He should, however, be able to apply to run for a seat in the Dáil in 2027.