Professional geezah, Danny Dyer (seen here plugging Borstal Boy), enjoys a good ole rant - his latest target being an easy one - Orlando Bloom: "I do genuinely think Orlando Bloom is a c***. I've never met him, but he's in the same game as me and he's loaded. I get a bit bitter, to be honest. I'm still living in the ghetto in East London *strikes geezah pose* and he's earning three million quid a film. He got lucky. He came out of drama school and got Lord of the Rings. He wasn't all that good in it, but it put him on the map, didn't it? He's the opposite of me, he's well media-trained and boring. Plus, he can't act." Plus, he's going out with the hottest Victoria Secret's model EVER, Miranda Kerr. Plus he's puuurty.