Rule number one of being a judge... be good at what you do. For instance; if you happen to be judging a cake sale - don't barge in mid-way, elbows flying, attempting to forge fairy cakes - you'll end up with (wait for it) egg on your face. Point being, if you're there in a judging capacity, your opinion isn't worth sh*t if you reveal yourself to be a novice. Instead of keeping her head down during X Factor, and revel in the dubious glory, Dannii decided to release her own single. She probably thought, "Hey, I'm appearing in a prime time show every Saturday, why don't I expose myself! Everyone will love it!" Flashing a nearby camera would've been a better choice considering her single probably won't make it into the top 40 this week. According to a source, she is being "trounced by reissues from such veterans as Shakin' Stevens, Wizzard, Wham! and Phil Collins... Knowing Sharon and Louis they'll make it their mission to keep reminding her because it winds her up so much. But Simon is very protective of Dannii and will no doubt be reassuring her that she's wonderful." Of course he will, he wants access to her pants. In other news; Simon (who was seen holding hands with Dannii in the back of a car recently) has upset his long-suffering girlfriend, Terri Seymour. Seemingly she stormed out when a US chatshow host asked Simon which three people he would rescue from a sinking ship. He opted for Paula Abdul, his mother and himself.