There were reports that Dannii Minogue and her fellah Kris Smith were struggling with their hectic work schedules and cracks were beginning to show in their relationship, what with her in Australia and him in the UK. Today, Digital Spy and a few other outlets are hinting that the pair have split up.

Rumours began surfacing after Dannii tweeted (seriously, if they want to keep their private lives eh, private, then tweeting is not the ideal way to do so) "Never chase love. If it isn't given freely by another person, it's not worth having." (sic) Which was allegedly followed by Kris's tweet: "You don't know what you have til it's gone." (sic) Both of which have been removed from their pages.

Then, Dannii's fellow judge on Australia's Got Talent, Kyle Sandlands, apparently blurted out on his radio show that the couple had actually split up and followed with: "It's the curse of the Australia's Got Talent judging panel. I was with her yesterday, and Kris separately. Brian (Mc 'still desperately trying to make a name for myself' Fadden) and I were giving Dannii a little cuddle." A source close to the parents of baby Ethan has insisted that the reports are not true.

This morning, Brian McFadden gave his thoughts on the matter saying: "Dannii has issued a statement to say, 'Thanks for all your concern, they're happy and committed to each other and Ethan'." Phew, *wipes brow*.

Now Brian, let's address these rumours about you and Vogue Williams.....

Alicia Coyle