Danielle Lloyd is recovering in hospital after being viciously attacked in a nightclub in London. In the apparent unprovoked attack, the glamour model and ex Celebrity Big Brother contestant was thrown and landed on a table of drinks and was then punched in the face.

Danielle, who is no stranger to a few catfights, was seen and heard screaming on the ground outside the club, surrounded by friends and her football fella Jamie O'Hara, in agony.

Now as much as this lady goes through a everyone's heads with her whiney voice and constant pouting and random appearances, I really do feel so sorry for her. While looking at the photos in some of the daily papers, she really got the crap kicked out of her.

The two ladies, who obviously suffer from a form of the green eyed monster, that decided to launch the attack, were arrested by police. Danielle was brought to hospital were she received stitches to a serious wound on her back and some kind of surgery to her leg.

This is the second time in a month that she has been involved in a scuffle while on a night out, but, give it a few month or so and I predict that she will sell her story to Heat magazine.

- Alicia Coyle