Not content with ruining the internet for everyone, Fidelma Healy Eames is now coming for your video games, and wants to have chips installed in consoles that shut them off after two hours.

Continuing her luddite approach to technology, Fidelma is now comparing video game addiction with that of smoking. Yes, the carcinogenic life-diminishing habit is just as bad as some Super Mario Fidelma, you've nailed it.

Quoth the Senator, 'It is only now that research on the addictive nature of these gaming consoles is beginning to emerge. What we need is quick action; and I believe it is not unreasonable to demand some class of a microchip to be installed that shuts the game down after two hours, and that it cannot be restarted for another period of time. We are soon to be putting images on cigarette boxes to prevent smoking because of the impact on health and its addictive quality. This is not far behind in respect of lasting damage. Apart from the health point of view, thousands of our children, teens and even young married men are spending endless hours on these machines. Just ask parents how difficult it is. Prolonged periods of usage is negatively impacting on education outcomes as well as emotional and mental health.'

Except that the opposite has been proven. Can we replace her with a goat now? At least that would be more entertaining.