Yes, Butlins, the holiday resort. Clearly his career is moving to another level, eh? 

Bowers was arrested and charged with assault after he got into a scrap at the cheapo holiday resort in Southern England on Saturday where he was headlining a 90s night. His younger brother Wade and his builder pal Terry Kean were also arrested at the scene, both being charged for possession of cocaine, while Wade was also charged with assault and Terry for using threatening words against authorities.

Dane apparently had a large crowd witness his alleged punch-up as the night was busy due to his appearance, with a source from the holiday spot telling the Daily Mirror: 'Dane was working as a DJ. The place was packed.' Either the crowds at Butlins are really desperate or the 'place' in question was the size of a broom-closet, because who's going to be that desperate to see him?

Do you think he and Victoria Beckham talk at all, or did she conveniently lose his number when she changed hers and lost her phone and sorry she can't hear you Dane she's going under a tun-. Anyway, here's a flashback for no other reason than to marvel at how VB has turned things around. Dane, not so much.