Following a nightclub assault on the two brothers, Curtis Pritchard has said that he might not be able to dance again.

The Sun has had an exclusive interview with AJ and Curtis Pritchard, days after eight men in a nightclub made an unprovoked attack on the brothers.

Speaking to the newspaper, the dancing brothers mentioned that they just wanted to make it out of the nightclub alive.

'Strictly Come Dancing' star AJ said, "Curtis risked his own dancing career to save mine as he threw himself in front of the attackers, so they couldn’t get to me. He was thinking of both my dancing career with my legs and my TV career with my face.

"He tried to protect me and in doing so saved my life and my legs from danger. I soon realised there were no winners in this scenario. I just wanted us both to come out alive."

The brothers said that the attack was provoked by a group of young men, who appeared to be jealous of the attention they were getting in a nightclub in Nantwich, Cheshire.

AJ continued, "We were dancing as a group and, out of the blue, Curtis was violently pushed from the side. It all happened so quickly. Suddenly, we were surrounded by about eight blokes.

"It was like a scene out of a movie, with all the aggression and violence. Nothing like this had ever happened to us before. I couldn’t even take in the pain from the kicks and punching. I just knew we had to get away."

Curtis went on to say, "We’re not there for a fight. We don’t want to cause trouble. [...] It was terrifying."

The 'Dancing with the Stars' dancer will have to undergo knee surgery in order for him to dance again. Curtis said, "I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t dance again. I just hope that operation can save me. Something can go wrong on the operating table. There’s a chance my dancing career is over."

Unfortunately due to the incident, Curtis has had to leave 'Dancing with the Stars;' the show is due to begin filming in the new year. It's not yet known if the dancer will return later in the series, should he make a full recovery, but he will certainly miss the first few weeks of the dancing competition should that be the case.

RTE released a statement recently, saying "A replacement for Curtis on the show is currently being arranged by ShinAwiL and we look forward to welcoming Curtis back when he recovers."

'Dancing with the Stars' will begin on RTE One on Sunday, January 6th, at 6:30pm.