In what strikes me as one of the most ill-advised television ventures in the medium's history, BBC are working on a show in which celebrities dance with wheelchair users, called Dancing On Wheels.

The "Dancing On..." shows really seem to be scraping the barrel now, don't they? We had Strictly Come Dancing, we had Dancing On Ice and now BBC are seemingly just giving C-List celebrities props in the form of wheelchair users to dance with and/or roll up and down slopes. The super-celebs who have been lined up to embarrass themselves for our viewing pleasure this time include singer Heather Small (who?), actor Kevin Sacre (sacrebleu!) and rugby legend Martin "Chariots" Offiah.

"The series will be surprising, fun and glamorous", according to Danny Cohen, Controller for BBC Three.

Okay, Danny, we'll take your word for it. You have to wonder what'll come next in this TV Dancing phenomenon, though. Dancing In Zero Gravity? Dance-Cooking with Gordon effin' Ramsay, in which Gordon is forced to teach French dancers to cook while attempting to stifle his thinly-veiled racism towards them?

Any more ideas? Answers on a postcard..

Hey,  maybe Dancing On Wheels is a good idea, who knows? It does come close to seeming a teeny-weeny bit exploitative, no? Maybe it's just me, but I do abhor those Dancing shows.

-John Balfe