Amy McIntosh was one of the volunteers who appeared in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games earlier this month, dressed as a teacake.

While we wouldn't be able to pick her out of a crowd (seeing as we don't know her), it turns out that her employers were very much able to spot her in the ceremony, when she had claimed that she was at home sick. 

According to The Sun, a source in and around or close to the nursery where she works said that the workers there were in shock when they saw her holding a Tunnocks chocolate teacake above her head in a ceremony that involved plenty of other references to particularly Scottish things, such as Irn Bru and cabers. 

That same source (who didn't want to be named, and is definitely not made up) said that had she simply asked, she would have been given the time off, but she may be in a bit of trouble now that she's been caught on TV when she was supposed to be off.

According to The Independent however, a spokeswoman from the nursery where she works confirmed to that Ms McIntosh had been given a month off work with tonsillitis, and was yet to return, but they were "following proper procedures" after the incident.

Via The independent