The UFC president showed his softer side recently with an amazing donation that saved a young girl's life.

A mixed martial arts trainer by the name of Kru Nai of Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand needed to raise money so that he could afford to pay for life-saving surgery for his daughter, and the man who swooped in with an amazing gesture of kindness was none other than UFC head honcho Dana White.

Nai's daughter is just seven-months-old needed a liver transplant, without which she was given just four weeks to live by doctors, and the cost of the surgery was $50,000, far beyond what he could afford on his own without the help from White.   

The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship learned of the campaign through a thread on a popular forum where Ben Pittsley, an amateur fighter, asked him to get involved, and someone from his office stepped in to say that he would cover the funds needed for the surgery. 

Ray Elbe, an employee at Tiger Muay Thai confirmed that the story was true, and said in a post on the same thread that in a country where the main religion was Buddhism, this was "an amazing example of how good things happen for good people."