Dan Rather is regarded by many as one of the best newsmen and broadcasters of all time. He was the first to report from the scene when JFK was shot and was the anchor for CBS's Evening News for 24 years. 

Rather is currently experiencing an unlikely, but enlightening second wind in his career with his staggeringly popular Facebook page, where he offers his thoughts on what's happening in America and indeed the world. It's wonderfully articulate and as classy as you'd expect from the man who used to sign off every news bulletin with the word 'Courage'

Today he offered his thoughts on Sean Spicer turning up at The Emmys, which seems to have pissed off a lot of people - particularly in liberal Hollywood. As always, he nails it.

If you're having problems with the above embed it reads: 

"I am pleased to see that there has been substantial criticism and consternation about the appearance of the former press secretary Sean Spicer at the Emmy Awards last night.
It is not funny that the American people were lied to.
It is not funny that the press was attacked for doing its job.
It is not funny that the norms of our democracy have been trampled.
I do not know Mr. Spicer or what is in his heart. But to actively serve in the capacity in which he did, and the manner in which he conducted himself, can not be allowed to be normalized. Actions must have consequences.
There is a long history of a bipartisan camaraderie amongst officials who have served in administrations. This is to the good and shows the strength of our democracy. And no one is perfect, far from it. We as a people are forgiving and welcoming.
But this is different. We are still in the midst of an administration that actively lies to the American people. We do not know where this is all going. There are looming criminal investigations.
To have Sean Spicer now lead us in laughter about all this makes me uneasy."

Rather also founded the page News and Guts which is worth a like.