Dan Bilzerian is known for a few things: his Instagram account, the fact that he's obsessed with guns and cats, and his general lifestyle which is a little bit excessive in pretty much every way. 

That includes his nights out, it would seem, after footage of an incident surfaced online that has seen him banned for life from a nightclub in Miami. The 34-year-old playboy was in the club to celebrate his birthday when a number of women attempted to climb up on the podium that he was dancing on.

This was apparently something he did not approve of, and the video of the incident appears to show Bilzerian kicking one of them in the face to knock her down off the podium. 

According to The Independent, Bilzerian's lawyer stated that the woman was an actress who had agreed to take part in the stunt, and therefore he could not be held responsible. Police were called to the scene at Liv nightclub, but it seems that the woman will not press charges. 

Nik Richie, the same journalist who originally put up the video of the incident, apparently received a response from Bilzerian, which was later deleted. 

This is not Bilzerian's first brush with controversy by any stretch of the imagination, after he threw actress Janice Griffith off a roof during a Hustler photoshoot in a stunt that went terribly wrong, as she missed the pool (where she was supposed to land) and broke her foot earlier this year, so she received $85,000 in compensation as a result.

Via The Independent