Let's set the scene for you - it's an ordinary night in Fairview, Dublin.

Joan Moore was in Hillbilly's, a takeaway restaurant famous for its fried chicken, getting something to eat when she was attacked by an armed mugger.

The mugger went for Joan's Guess handbag and managed to fight him off, but not before he tried to do a runner.

Sitting at the opposite end of the restaurant was none other than Love / Hate's John Connors and singer Damien Dempsey.

The two sprung into action like a real-life Starsky & Hutch and took off after the mugger, before returning to mind Joan.

The on-screen pipe-bomber and Dublin troubadour walked Joan back to her car and reported the incident to the guards.

Not every day you see a mugging being broke up by a dude off TV and a singer-songwriter, is it?

Also, we can totally imagine Damien Dempsey and John Connors as a vigilante duo who go around solving crimes and getting decent fried chicken in North Dublin.

Joan received a number of bruises and was obviously shaken up by the whole experience, although she didn't realise who the two were until much later.

In fact, it was the Gardai who pointed them out to her.

"I've met John Connors since at a charity event," Joan explained.

This isn't the first time Damien Dempsey's been an actual hero. Just earlier this year, he pulled two drowning men from a river in Enniscorthy.


via Independent.ie