A sink hole on Dame Street opened up earlier this week, and while the crews of the council have been hard at work trying to get it fixed, a lot of people have been speculating about the reasons it appeared in the first place.

Dublin historian Gerry Cooley was on 98FM this morning to discuss the sink hole, and what might have been the reasons for it appearing suddenly earlier this week.

Cooney stated that he believed it may have been caused by a number of underground passageways that used to lead to a place "of ill repute" in order to let members of the House of Commons and House of Lords (now the Bank of Ireland building at College Green) leave the premises without being spotted.

We would have chosen the term "underground sex lairs", but each to their own. The sinkhole itself looks to be relatively small in comparison to other ones that have opened up around the world, but it still caused plenty of disruption to traffic, even if it was only a few feet deep.

Via 98FMMain pic via Odhrán Allen on Twitter