The Licensed Vintner Association has strongly condemned the lack of social distancing in pubs on Dame Lane, after a viral video circulated online showing crowds in the Dublin hub.

The video shows Dame Lane, heavily crowded with people wearing no masks, at around 9PM last night. This weekend is the first Saturday that pubs have been allowed to open and serve guests since lockdown began over 100 days ago. The pubs on Dame Lane include The Stag's Head, The Mercantile, 4 Dame Lane, and The Bankers Bar.

Currently, publicans are allowed to have guests on-premises for 105 minutes and must serve a substantial meal over €9 with any tables served.

Pubs that do not adhere to the restaurant-style rules must remain closed until July 20th, when Phase 4 of the reopening rules will begin. The LVA's statement added that while it believes most pubs and customers are adhering to reopening guidelines, there have been similar scenes in Dublin city centre over the last few weekends.

"This is in no way acceptable and completely jeopardises public health, given the lack of social distancing observed," the LVA said in a statement. "It also has a negative impact on the efforts being made by responsible businesses who are beginning the process of recovery."

Gardai have also confirmed that pubs who do not adhere to the social distancing guidelines and enforce them will face closure and possibly losing their licences if there are repeated offences. The LVA has said that it supports Garda measures to enforce these guidelines.