According to The Mirror, the dancer has quit after "just three days" and has been replaced with the equally obscure Joe Bugner. He's a boxer.

The paper reports: "Dancer Camilla has been struggling with the hot weather and lack of decent food since arriving in the jungle. She'll be explaining her reasons for leaving on tonight's show, but ITV have stated that she was 'tired and suffering from exhaustion'."

Let's be frank. Camilla didn't exactly look on friendly terms with "decent food" so the lack thereof should not have posed a problem. Then again, when you've got the metabolism of a gerbil and the fat reserves of a reed, the lack of food could either send you into a rage, or wan oblivion. It was the latter for Camilla, what with the sobbing etc.

If I found myself appear in 'I'm On the Katie Price Show... Get Me Out of Heeeere!' with nothing but rice, beans and bountiful breasts on offer, I'd probably attack the programme's star (that being Katie Price, wouldn't you know) after three days. Imagine being half-starved while being forced to look at gigantic boobs morphing from bagles, to baked cantaloupe, to burgers, back to bagles again. And that's before addressing the pizza box that is her posterior, half-filled with two slivers of pepperoni.

In short, if the alleged "lack of food" (hey, what's wronng with the odd croc trotters?!) wouldn't send you insane, the conversation would. At the minute, it goes something like this: Katie; Peter; Jordan; Peter; Katie; boobs; Katie; nails; Katie; Jordan, "I'm up for another Bush Tucker Trial? That's sooo outtah awwdaaaw *attempts to grin covertly at prospect of further camera time*", Katie, Jordan, Alex; closure; boobs; lady bumps; farts; burps; knockers; fake burps; cross dressing for sexual purposes... and we'll leave it there, otherwise your eyes might start beating up your brain.