It's no wonder that Wikipedia no longer allows the Daily Mail or MailOnline be used as a source or citation for entries when you've got carry on like this.

Just this weekend, MailOnline tried to claim that a floating dementor-like cloud in Zambia was real, despite the fact that locals in Zambia even knew it was false. Today's latest blunder, however, takes the biscuit.

FeMail (heh, clever) ran a story today that cited Waterford Whispers'  wedding expert Marion Shields' advice on how to save money by realising "that nobody gives a fuck."

Just for clarity's sake, here's the headline from the Waterford Whispers story...


And here's the headline from MailOnline's story, which cites 'Waterford Whisperer News' and their expert, Marion Shields.

As of writing, MailOnline's is still visible and they still haven't clocked that it's a satirical news story.

As it turns out, you can actually make this stuff up.


Via WWN / MailOnline