When it comes to handing out Dad of the Year awards, there are a lot of people in the running, but this guy has already been getting a pretty strong nomination after a picture of him dressed as Elsa from Frozen surfaced online.

The picture was shared on reddit and has already started getting plenty of viral attention, as this one man showed he was willing to go above and beyond just to have the craic with this daughter.

The pair were headed to a sing along party, and while it seems that the father looked a bit grumpy on the way there, that might just be the resting face of all of those who have to take public transport, as the pair were in great mood when they got off the tube.

Frozen Dad (as the internet are referring to him) has yet to be identified, but he's in high demand as people rightfully want to acknowledge his actions with at least a round of applause, maybe even a pint. Fair play, Frozen Dad.

Via i100