We've just introduced a raft of new laws to try and hit cyclists with fines if they break the rules of the road, but they want to go one step further in Australia. 

The New South Wales government is said to be seriously considering a move to make cyclists over a certain age carry photo identification, and Roads Minister Duncan Gay has stated that he is 'increasingly persuaded' by the idea of such a licencing system. 

Gay has convened a "roundtable" meeting to discuss issues of safety on the roads for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and while there have been calls to introduce a minimum distance that cars would need to observe when overtaking bikes, there have also been moves to introduce other policies that would be less friendly to cyclists. 

One of them would be the introduction of a licence for cyclists over the age of 16 or 18, although Gay himself has noted that it may be difficult as "there are no precedents for mandatory bicycle registration or cyclist licensing in Australia". The move has also been met with opposition from cyclist groups and organisations already, who claim that it would not be feasible to introduce registration for cyclists. 

However, while fines for those on bikes are currently set at $69, it looks as though they will also increase, and are likely to be in line with those that are issued to motorists. 

Would you support a licence for cyclists here in Ireland?

Via The Sydney Morning Herald