In a bid to cut out foul-mouthed language, one city in the US of A has adopted a pretty sweeping approach.

Using 'profanity' in a public place in the city of Arlington, Virginia will cost you $250 per curse word. The lawmakers in the US state haven't, however, released a list of words they find offensive or, indeed, what constitutes as a curse word.

The law, which comes into effect from today, has already been in place for quite some time.

Last year, up to four people were prosecuted for profane language in a public place - however, in all instances, the charge was tacked onto another one, such as public intoxication.

Yes, it's basically like that thing in Demolition Man.

This isn't the first time that a public ordinance has tackled curse words. Virgina has adopted a state-wide law that tackles profanity, which also results in a $250 fine.

In fact, Ireland had a law that banned cursing and drunkenness on Sundays, however the law was repealed last year.

Scotland has also a law in place that prevents cursing that causes distress or alarm and is considered a public offence.

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