We all know that Tinder is used for much more than just meeting up, but a new app Cuddlr plans to cut through the hook up culture and bring people together for a lovely cuddle.

Right, if we're honest, we all know why people are on Tinder, and while we say it's to meet new people, but really...well, yeah y'know. Anyway, Cuddlr is a new app that promises there will be no hooking up, and instead you can meet up just for a cuddle. 

Seemingly fairly similar to Tinder, you can choose to cuddle someone in a list, meet up with them and just "have a cuddle. No pressure". 

Cuddlr: because sometimes you just want a cuddle. from Charlie Williams on Vimeo.

The app is available for iPhone users, and was created by three guys who just enjoy having a good cuddle. The app allows you to choose a person that meets your standards, gives you walking directions on how to get to them, and then lets you get down to cuddling. Afterwards, you can give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down, depending on how well it went, or you can report them for inappropriate touching.

Charlie Williams, who was one of the co-founders, stated in an interview about the app that people probably will use it for hooking up, what with all the cuddling and that, but has urged users to "wait until the end of the cuddle, ask nicely, and be prepared to take either ’yes’ or ’no’ as an answer, don’t try to ’change gears’ midway through".

So, what do you reckon, would you stick to the cuddling or is this all a bit too weird for you, even in this day and age?