If Jerry Maguire thought you anything, it's that Cuba Gooding Jr. can convey epic proportions of passion when called upon. 

This extends to his real life too particularly when music artists he admires are called into question. 

The actor left a comment under rapper, Young Thug's Instagram post of a snippet from his song 'F*ck Cancer' saying that it was “literally better than anything the Beatles ever put out.”

One fan, 'thefonk90' was not impressed with snippet posting that it was: "This sounds like a drunk deaf person on crack found some beats on YouTube and paid somebody to combine it with a children's song. Please go back to the crack house you came from with your tweaker dance moves and uncivilised superficial style..."


The fan then questioned Gooding Jr.'s comment and that's when the Oscar winner let rip. 

While we love the fact that he digs in over Snow Dogs we're still not sure if he's serious. Taking his recent behaviour, in which he tried to eat a smartphone in a night club, into account we'd wager that he actually is. 

Don't ever diss Snow Dogs folks. 

Via Uproxx