The '90s were an experimental time for the cola industry, as they tried to innovate, create strange new products and get us drinking as much of the stuff as possible.

One of the weirder ideas was that Pepsi came up with was to try clear cola, which was supposed to be as good as the real thing, but clear because...uh...that was better somehow?

Anyway, that was taken off the market a while back, but it seems that the good people at Pepsi are looking to bring it back after a few fans started a campaign to get it going again. Here's competitive eater and YouTuber LA Beast explaining a bit of what happened to get the whole thing off the ground.

The letter from Pepsi states that he and all his followers who have gotten on board the campaign will "be happy with what's in store".

AdAge have since reported that the comeback could be real, as back in the '90s Pepsi launched the campaign for clear cola "backed with a $40 million ad budget and major hoopla, only to fizzle among consumers". Good wordplay aside, they also point out that a number of recent studies linking the colouring products used in sodas and fizzy drinks to adverse health effects have turned consumers off some of the products, and the clear version might tap into a new market for Pepsi. 

We know we're looking forward to it anyway...

Via BroBible, Adage