Tom Cruise has spoken publicly about his desire to raise more children. Cruise has a two-year-old daughter, Suri, with wife Katie Holmes and the actor is also dad to Connor, 13, and Isabella, 16, whom he adopted with ex-wife Nicole "I'm a dancer! I love to dance!" Kidman, who can currently be seen annoying the piss out of the Irish population in that terrible Chanel television commercial.

Cruise told The Sun "I want 10 children. I love kids". He said that his 2 year old daughter is "just great" and that has made him want to increase the Cruise gene pool quite considerably. One has to wonder, however, if the Cruiser has run this idea by his wife yet because she's the one who has to spend 5 and a quarter years of her life carrying Tom's 7 imaginary unborn children.

Sources say that if Cruise doesn't get his wish he's going to protest by spending all day at home in his underpants and "Risky Business the crap out of the place"*.

*This quote may be entirely made up.

-John Balfe